Soulmate Fallacy



You thought her eyes were a window

In the room that housed her soul

And the things you saw behind them

Made you think she can make you a whole

So you started throwing pebbles

Begging her to let you in

Until the signs of your affection

Appeared as bruises on her skin

But what you failed to notice

That her curtains were drawn tight

And the promises you thought you’d seen

Were just tricks of the lights

She had become just the reflection

Of whom you wished that she would be

With a life to make yours better

And a perfect personality

So when her window shattered

And you peered into her room

You found a very different person

To the one that you ve assumed

And I hope you begged forgiveness

For the glass left on her floor

And for thinking that a person

Owed it to you to be much more