Distorted Dimensions


In the Pyramids of my thwarted being
Doors are melting out of form
So as ladders turning ablaze
Receptacle of fate carrying only a dorm
All empty except one last wish
About time to throw one last card
A trump card saved since ages
Is ready to fall from quivering hands
With an absent mind hearing voices
A river of knowledge lamenting for sages
An eternal secret looking for Gilgamesh
A love-goddess strangled in lust seeking promises
A paragon of virtue reciting sermons
A sky of valor dropping shapeless pieces
Of the death of reason quietly un-summoned
Heavily breathing soul of time uttering last words
A sun unsure of a new dawn igniting last flakes
A moonlit turning pale blurring stargazer’s bunch
The house of cards built on the seascape of Intellect
Calling for one last fall
Each element of human evolution on the last call
Distorted dimensions lamenting the songs of departure
I took the long draught of the hemlock of ego
And the last wind of hopelessness halted it all
To be found centuries later; A curt Mummified emperor
Buried with his state of mind to avoid a fall…

Painting By Pablo Picasso