A Dream Well Kept…


An un-treaded path
Ends into a soulless shore
A reverie dwelling on unconscious abyss
Lying on the cerebral floor of the ocean
Where the fathom of heart holding a dream
A clam of self bearing a pearl unseen
Shiny bright charismatically sheen
It entered the shell just as a dropp of hope
Bore pressure of times and centuries of pain
Holding the un-chanted songs of emotions
Will face the world as a precious gem
Leave the fairest of the maidens un-frown
Aiming to transform the nothingness of a droplet
Into the delicacy of a jewel untouched
Carrying secret of seas till the end of times
To be touched by the frail hands of love
To be felt by musings stretching on an artist’s dawn
An exquisite cameo from the artifact of lover
A serendipitous moment in search of a trace of my own
A dream well kept a desire well known …

( Sketch Titled ” Reassurance” By Me )