What Is Lost…Is Lost

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All is not lost though

The sun still shines bright

Reflects vibrantly the curls of her hair

The moonlit enters her window periodically

Touching softly the pages she left unturned

Lovers gaze still fills her body to the necessary warmth

Love has find comfort in the wounds unburned

An escaping moth stays still on the corner of her wall

Lost completely in the silence of the room

Her belongings still smell like her

Her heart still pumps blood

And mind makes the best of stories

Bringing comfort in the chaos of her demolished self

Her lip sings more loudly the songs of thankfulness

Her soul knows it is just a small bump

Meant to let her mend her shoes

And cure the bleeding heels torn like broken dreams

Tears absorbed in pillows still leaves scars

Giving her impulse to hide them in drawer

For there will be questions unanswerable waiting her way

Trading answers with her ego s fall

All is not lost though But what is lost is lost…


(My Own Sketch titled” Embracing our own broken self”)