Love’s Scenario


While we were dreaming about each other

A ray of light was passing up above high

Travelled a million light years

To know what it could make of itself

The star that generated it vanished centuries ago

Left its memories in its transluscent hope


While we were dreaming about our future

A tiny bud sprung out of soil emphaticaly

Its fragile soul feeling the warmth of nature around

Forgetting to lament the death of seed inside

Listening to the songs of the morning breeze

Fearing inland the advent of the foremost icles

Carrying content of a thosand seedlings within


While we were living our dream together

A sea-shell was bearing the pain of a ripened pearl

Dropping it to the deepest of waters in full bloom

To be found by a valiant diver of unmatched stamina

Aiming to bring the best from the heart of the sea

whose breath stricken chest beating death at every moment

Making the Ocean realize the throne of mankind above


While our dream was shattered by fate unavoidable

The last couple of an extinctive specie

Traveling for life towards warmer lands

Bearing the burden of  the darkest of death

Looming over their genetic speciality

Falling into the arms of the howling evolution

Unable to bear their names for the time to come

Trumpting a new dawn without the essence of them…

“Sketch By me”

There Will Be Light



There will be light

Yes! there will be light

But who knows

I ll have my eyes

Carrying the emotion to suffice

Holding up the striking dreams

Whose reflection gives the meaning

To whatever I arranged in ages

Into the solid figurative masterpieces

Of attainment and sacrifice

To the heaven and hell

How they look gravely like


I ll have my heart though

Or maybe not

As I the chooser of the sunken path

If settled on heaviness and glazed with rust

Upon the crusades of my tempestuous self

My dreams and doubts lying as my wrath

Beyond the hinge of winning or loose

Waiting to be jubilantly found as

Haunted with the spirits of light…


“Photograph of turists witnessing¬† a night with celestial lights at Rama Meadows in Korakuram mountain Range in Northern Pakistan.”