A Woman in Love

Love Impression final

The day I looked into his eyes

I knew from the deepest echo from my heart

As if His fragments deeply carved in my soul

As he smells of books and stories apart

From all the worlds I ve known through ages


Immaculately circumferences the other half of my being

Like a setting sun lit the way beyond earth’s core

As though the ink of my life s book has left the pages

To find a new home in his imagination

Where he stands alone and victorious

Waiting to be crowned as the conqueror

Of his deepest fears of not to love and be loved in return

And I!

Fall slowly from the dense glittery fog above

A Jeweled crown on his valorous head

My love brimming over slowly

Like confetti on his unfulfilled desires

Showering him with bliss to be a man

A man of his own kind

A man of his own mind

A man who belongs to me

A man who is mine!


Annie Ali

Painting:  My own traced copy  of Hessam Abrishami  s Love Impression ( Mix Medium on paper)